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All done for you

The grand tour
for a few or many more

Guided experiences for small parties, schools and a variety of group bookings


Need to create special rates and activities for large parties with additional requirements for schools or special interest groups? Split groups, alternative activities, even special catering requirements, Merlin handles that!


Tour guides, site maps, discounted food or gift shop vouchers - all can be added into your package to create a one-off day out your visitors will never forget. Fully featured options are included which also allow them to book drinks, meals, etc. as part of their visit.


One single point of booking means that groups can utilise the same powerful, flexible on-line ticketing portal as individuals, families and all other visitor types.


Effective solutions for changing times


Sell tickets as far in advance as you like simply by setting availability in your on-line store.


Create as many packages and ticket types as you like - no need to struggle with one-size-fits-all packages.


Bookings made online automatically integrate with your box office sales to ensure that you never sell more tickets than you have available. Quantities can also be quickly and easily updated to reflect actual sales both online and at the box office.


Customers receive their tickets as soon as their bookings are placed - generating no lengthy adminstration processes after the sale is made.


Create one-off physical tickets that customers can redeem at the venue to provide keepsakes for years to come. Total control over actual ticket design means that you can reflect the offering at the venue; boarding passes for tractor rides, sponsor an animal for zoos and safari parks, historical information for museums, etc.


With all aspects of venue management accessible within the same system you can get at-a-glance information from any terminal, anywhere on your site.

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