Who is Merlin?

A few words about us

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality retail and business management system available. We endeavour to listen to our customers and add extra features and updates constantly.

Our Software is developed in house by a team of experts with over 30 years experience in the retail sector. With many happy customers already, we plan to continue to evolve in this ever changing retail sector.

Who Are We?

Merlin Software Ltd is a family run business with a dedicated team of retail professionals.

We are a friendly company and our core value is to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. Our expertise in retail systems goes back over 30 years and during that time we have witnessed many new developments and innovations. The EPOS software we supply is constantly updated and enhanced to facilitate these new developments and it is this extensive experience of developing retail systems over such a long period of time that sets our company apart from many of our competitors.

All EPOS software development is carried out in-house by experts in the retail software sector and some of the team have worked together for over 20 years.

It is this level of experience and consistency that has ensured a long lasting relationship with many of our clients, some of whom have been using our software in their organisations now for over 15 years.


We can proudly boast that we produced the very first EPOS touch screen retail terminal in 1995 which could be wall mounted. This product won international acclaim as well as awards from Barnsley Chamber of Commerce and the Millennium Awards programme for Innovation. It was from this achievement that Olivetti adopted the product, to be marketed as the OliTouch.

We have a clear vision and that is to enable retailers to keep more of the money they take and give them the freedom to work on their business, not in their business.
Ensuring that their company becomes more successful and ultimately more profitable.

In addition, we strive to exceed customer's expectations by giving excellent customer service and value for money with hundreds of happy customers under the Merlin label.

Our main product is Merlin, an integrated EPOS retail management system which originally started life in 1998 when it was decided that the original MSDOS based 'Retail Manager' software was reaching the end of its useful life.

The intention for Merlin was to be the first Windows based integrated retail management system for the independent sector which would cover all aspects of any retail operation from order processing to management accounts, which we confidently achieved.

Product development started in late 1998 and the first Beta test version was launched in October 1999. During the following months the product was tested and upgraded, leading to the launch of the full version in February 2001. Since that date, Merlin has been constantly enhanced and upgraded and now provides everything the true multi-faceted retailer requires and covers all aspects of the operation from Warehouse (Cash & Carry) to Web (e-Commerce) and everything else in between. Being an integrated system Merlin has always offered its own full accounting features and facilities covering all aspects of the business from basic Cash Sales to full Balance Sheet and Management Reporting.

What about Merlin?

Many improvements have been made during the last 10 years and we are proud to have continued to receive several awards for innovation. We have a total commitment to product improvement and are constantly adapting to the changing needs of retailers and responding quickly in order to meet their requirements. We pioneered the concept of Gift Aid on admissions charges at visitor attractions and more recently, we have also pioneered Gift Aid in charity shops, obtaining full HMRC confirmation of its suitability for this sector.

The company has always had a very close association with the charity sector and for over 15 years sponsored the British Heart Foundation '3 Mountains Challenge' event where we provided a bespoke system for the management and control of all competitors. This event raised in excess of £1M over that period, most of it going to help with research into heart disease. In 2003 when one of our Directors survived a heart attack, supporting charities became even more personal to our organisation.

The company is multi-national with software installed in several countries through out the world such as Kenya, Ghana, Spain and Oman. An arrangement is currently being established with distributors in Australia and New Zealand.

All this experience, success and expertise has recently been encapsulated into a formal publication, which was launched in 2015. 'You don't get many drugs for a cauliflower' written by our sales and marketing director Owen Gleadall covers all aspects of a retail business and how to thrive and survive in an ever changing industry.